Custom Car Championship - The Tryouts


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STUNTS V1.1 M1.1 [Download] Includes CarPack, Simple Garage, Bliss
Start the Game with menu.bat (advised) or stunts.bat
Current trackRun Forrest Run [Download]
Track authorDaniel3D
Cars Allowedcc09,pmin,pnsk,lola,zmp4,f637,f641
CarPack[Download]V08 (made for Simple Garage)
Race start2022-08-01 00:01 UTC
Race deadline2022-08-21 23:59 UTC

Cars allowed

cc09 4D Contest Car 0.9 By Lukas Loehrer
F637 Ferrari 637 By Ryoma
F641 Ferrari 641/2 By Ryoma
LOLA Lola/Cosworth INDY By Alan Rotoi
PMIN Porsche/March INDY By DSI
PNSK Penske/Chevy INDY By Alan Rotoi
zMP4 McLaren Honda MP4/4Z By Zapper

# Posted Racer Car Lap Time Status
12022-08-04 03:39:38Alan RotoiF6371:20.10verified [Download]
22022-08-17 21:10:46Alan RotoiZMP41:22.50pending
32022-08-04 03:16:38Alan RotoiPNSK1:22.60verified [Download]
42022-08-04 03:35:49Alan RotoiCC091:22.70verified [Download]
52022-08-04 03:29:32Alan RotoiPMIN1:22.75verified [Download]
62022-08-04 03:20:32Alan RotoiLOLA1:23.30verified [Download]
72022-08-17 21:14:59Alan RotoiF6411:23.35pending
82022-08-02 15:26:24CasLOLA1:30.80verified [Download]
92022-08-11 15:23:09Daniel3DF6371:37.65pending
102022-08-04 15:10:26Daniel3DCC091:40.15pending
112022-08-03 20:30:58Daniel3DPNSK1:42.55verified [Download]
122022-08-03 20:31:10Daniel3DLOLA1:47.00verified [Download]