Custom Car Championship - The Tryouts



Freestyle Checkpoint Rules

Each tunnel along a chosen path is a checkpoint.
Go through each checkpoint along the way.
Jumping over the tunnel is not considered
passing the checkpoint.
The finish line is also a checkpoint,
Finishing by passing outside the poles or
over the banner is not considered a legal finish.

Stunts and obstacles may be taken however you want, but you may
not drive through barriers like blocks, guardrails and road surfaces.
If you follow the road, you should not get penalty time.
Penalty time is therefore also not allowed.

Replay handling is allowed only because I can not check its use.
Please don't grind the track, If you fancy that please go to
ZakStunts since that is more challenging in that regard.

Do you have the precision of a formula 1 driver?
Do you like the challenge to stay on the track and
take all obstacles as intended? Then Race 4 Kicks has a
competition you need to check out!

Have fun.